Buffalo Cop Could Be In Big Trouble For Breaking #BillsMafia Bro's Nose During 2017 Incident

via Erie County Sheriff police cam
Body cam footage of a confrontation between an Erie County Sheriff deputy and a #BillsMafia member from a 2017 Bills tailgate has been released and it shows the sheriff going after and arresting the college kid after the kid asked where the cops were taking his buddy who had just been loaded into a cruiser.
You might notice that in the process of being arrested, University of Buffalo student Nicholas Belsito suffered some injuries and now there are questions, thanks to the police body cam video, whether cops lied in court documents.  The cop claims that the Buffalo bro decided to fight after an incident where Belsito asked the cop where his friend would be taken.
According to the Buffalo News and the video that was released:

Achtyl later said, in comments picked up by the body camera, that he intended to write Belsito a ticket for disorderly conduct — even though New York’s highest court has ruled that swearing at an officer does not justify the violation of disorderly conduct.
Belsito, however, chose to fight, according to Achtyl and Flowers in their court documents.
The video shows Achtyl placing Belsito in a bear hug, then taking him to the ground to place him in handcuffs. That came after Achtyl clubbed him in the face with his baton, according to a cellphone video Glazer obtained.
Belsito had suffered a broken nose and a concussion, Glazer said. Blood covered the entire right side of Belsito’s face by the time he was lowered into the police vehicle.

Charges were eventually dropped against Belsito. Now Belsito’s lawyers will be going after the sheriff’s office over the broken nose and other injuries.


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