Alexis Ren Stops By Early This Week, Mark Chmura Mad At Aaron Rodgers & John Henry's Selling House

Here we go with a Redskins at Eagles game that actually means something. You know what that means…we’re going to get some great fan content out of this one. There’s going to be at least one brawl that goes viral. I can just feel it. You’ll also get some college basketball — Iowa at Michigan — at 6:30 to give you some gambling options before you live bet Monday Night Football. Enjoy!
Let’s get Alexis Ren out of the way early this week
George Bush’s service dog loyal to the end
Turns out Paulina was at the wedding, hit the beach on social
Uh oh, Mark Chmura goes off a little bit on Aaron Rodgers over McCarthy firing
Oklahoma City TV station sent out this text alert during Texas-OU game
Red Sox owner John Henry selling this place for $25 million
One of the most Florida Florida Man stories you’ll read this week
Here’s FIU golfer Hannah 

Steelers Head Butt of the Year Video of the Year

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