Bama Fan Won't Have His 3 1/2 Pounds Of Edibles For SEC Title Game, Gets Arrested

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By now you guys know that I’m pro-marijuana edibles, pro-smoking the weed, pro-getting blazed out of your brain and however else you get high. So I’m not happy that Bama fan Casey Johnson was picked up this week by the postal police for having 3 1/2 pounds of edibles delivered to his house, but it’s news so of course I’m going to report it.
And isn’t it time for Alabama to change its weed laws? Don’t give me that whole God argument. I know what you people are searching for. Pornhub knows your analytics. They know exactly what you’re searching for and God is watching. It’s time to set yourselves free and get blazed here and there without throwing people in jail.
That said, weed is still a federal law and Casey will now face some court time and he lost his edibles for the SEC title game.
From the Montgomery Advertiser:

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s narcotics division was notified about the package, addressed to 28-year-old Casey Joe Johnson, Tuesday by U.S. Postal Service inspectors, according to court records.

Agents with ALEA went to the home listed on the package label in the 6600 block of English Oak Court and executed a “anticipatory search warrant,” according to records. While searching the home, agents found what they believed to be marijuana, Xanax, psilocybin mushrooms and ecstasy.

Agents also found the package, shipped from Wisconsin, in the living room and opened it to discover 3½ pounds of marijuana edibles, according to Johnson’s charging documents. A suspect can be charged with trafficking marijuana if found with more than 2.2 pounds of marijuana or some derivative of the plant.

And when I say Casey is a Bama fan, I’m talking the type of Bama fan who takes a roadie  up to Louisville down to Orlando for an opener on Labor Day Weekend. That’s a real Bama fan.

Casey’s also a Steelers fan:

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