Dad Shoots Son During Thanksgiving NFL Anthem Protest Argument

via City County Bureau of Identification
It was bound to happen at some point across this country during the Thanksgiving holiday. You just didn’t expect a father to shoot his son after an argument over NFL anthem protestors got heated to the point where dad shot his possibly lubed up son with a shotgun. Dad says he did it, says it wasn’t some misunderstanding and now you have a family dealing with doctors and prosecutors.
The breaking point for dad, Jorge Luis Valencia Lamadrid, was when his son threw and struck him with a water bottle. Then it was a shotgun blast.
From the Charlotte News-Observer:

Investigators charged Jorge Luis Valencia Lamadri, 51, of 103 Fallsworth Drive, with one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, according to arrest records filed with the City County Bureau of Identification.
Police think Lamadri shot his 21-year-old son, Estenban Marley Valencia, following an argument and physical altercation during the family’s Thankgiving dinner at their Cary home.
Lamadri said he did not intent to harm his son. He said his family had just sat down for their Thanksgiving meal when Esteban and Lamadri’s other son, Felipe Miguel Valencia, 27, got into an argument about athletes taking a knee during the national anthem.
Esteban charged toward Felipe, Lamadri told police. He also said that he knew he did not have the strength to stop his two sons from fighting, nor was Esteban going to leave the home. He then went to retrieve his shotgun, he told investigators.

Here I thought the whole anthem thing was over with. You haven’t heard anything about the protests, thank god, because the NFL season has been so damn good that it’s not needed to be a hot topic on all the hot take shows. I assume the young brother was super woke and the older brother had moved on in life and the protests were no longer of any importance. Of course dad is stuck keeping these two from ruining turkey day so he goes and gets his belt, I mean his shotgun.

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