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Did you know that South Carolina will play another game this Saturday and it’s against Akron? That’s right, the Cocks will play a game to make up for a September game cancelled due to one of those hurricanes that went through early in the season. That was supposed to be a game against Marshall. Now it’ll be Akron coming south in a moneymaking opportunity.
Get in price right now is $27 for the noon kickoff that offers Cocks fans one more chance to see a home game before bowl season. This is great news for students like Mary Murphy, who lives by “we like because and love despite” over on Instagram. Mary and her friends will be able to see the Cocks get to seven wins against a MAC team that just wants to make money and get home without an injury.
From The State:

The Gamecocks have sold almost 30,000 tickets as of Monday, Nichols said. South Carolina (6-5) is playing the Zips (4-7) as a makeup for the scheduled Sept. 15 game against Marshall, which was canceled due to Hurricane Florence. The school didn’t finalize the new game until early in November, giving fans little time to plan for what otherwise would have been a football-free weekend.

Tickets will be given to military organizations, school programs and athletic department sponsors, Nichols said. Season ticket holders had the price of their Marshall tickets refunded and would have to purchase new single-game tickets for the Akron game.
The Zips will get a check for $1.3 million from South Carolina for agreeing to the game. Akron needed a 12th game this season because its season-opener against Nebraska was canceled due to inclement weather.

So it’s one more regular season tailgate for Mary and her friends before the holidays really kickoff.

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