Who Is This Woman At The Miami Heat Game?

via Twitter
The message came in from the Miami Heat game just as I was sitting down at the command center tonight: “Need to contact intel to get info about chick in stands.” Say no more, BC fan. Let’s put the BC IG intel team to work tonight to find the blonde who is doing hair work during the Nets-Heat game.
Just a hunch:
• She’s over 50k followers on Instagram
• Her date works in the hospitality industry
• She’s Russian
Probably knows LEEBS
Look, normally I don’t send out the BC Intel team unless it’s some sort of woman who is driving the sports world crazy at a big time sporting event. However, I’ll take requests. We’re not going to big time a BC fan who has a hankering. Let’s figure out this one, maybe get her some new followers.
Make sure to let us know her @ via the BC social channels.

One more still shot to help with the investigation:

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