Alabama Is 49-2 Since Joel Klatt & Colin Cowherd Said Nick Saban & The Tide Were Done

Where do I even start with this one that resurfaced today over on r/CFB? Do I start with Colin Cowherd’s hair when he went with the new look until people ripped the new look enough that led to a change in the hair department? Do I start with Joel Klatt thinking, like usual, that he’s the smartest guy in the room? Do I start with all the hot takes in here that make for great content? There are so many angles that make this two minute exchange so great.
This conversation where these two declared Alabama dead happened a couple days after Bama lost to Ole Miss — AT HOME. You might remember that game is where Bama fans went home with a bunch of time on the clock. I remember like it was yesterday.
“They have a Nick Saban problem at Alabama,” Klatt said that day. “He’s turned Alabama into an old Big Ten defense.” Klatt went on to say Ohio State was a better program and Cowherd added that Michigan State was another team on the rise.

Here are the facts: 

• Alabama is 49-2 since this conversation
• Alabama went on to run the table and win the national championship in 2015.
• Alabama has two national titles, a 2nd place and are about to win another national title…making it three in four years since Klatt buried Nick Saban and the Tide
• Alabama losses since this video…Clemson in the title game and Auburn in 2017, but then Bama won the national title
• Alabama has trailed for like 1 minute, 15 seconds THIS ENTIRE SEASON
I get it, these shows are fueled by the hot take spewers, but Klatt is continuously considered some great analytical mind within the college football world. I get it — he speaks very well, looks great and comes across as a Kirk Herbstreit clone. You’re just supposed to take the guy’s word for it.
Now Klatt and Cowherd would say they prefaced Saban’s death unless he changed the program.

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