Tarsha Whitmore Has IG Figured Out, Marlins Do It For The Millennials & The Caris LeVert Injury Is Bad


Here we go with a massive MAC game — Western Michigan at Ball State. You’ll also get a bunch of random college basketball and NBA games to choose from if that’s your thing. I’m ready for some college basketball preseason tournament action. That should start this weekend. Give me some midnight action in Hawaii to consume and I’ll stay up for that. Also, it’s NBCSN night in Buffalo for the Sabres. Something wacky could come out of the crowd there.
Tarsha Whitmore has a chance to be a big time IG star
16 yr old helps save The Bachelor house from wildfire
This is a disgusting leg injury for Caris LeVert…DO NOT WATCH THIS
The Marlins are putting in these social spaces so millennials will show up to games
AROD is selling this Hollywood Hills home…it didn’t burn down
You will not be jumping in Mirror Lake at Ohio State…those days are officially over
This Florida Man hid drugs under his balls
Here’s Kat from the University of Washington

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