Zach Smith is Going Off on Tom Herman on Twitter Claiming Herman "Cheated on His Wife Several Times"

Wow. This shit is wild. Zach Smith is the now former Ohio State assistant coach that was accused of abusing his wife in a report by Brett McMurphy over the summer. That is the scandal that led to the Urban Meyer suspension earlier this season. It later came out that Texas head coach Tom Herman was one of the sources that McMurphy used to gather information on the story. Since then Smith has been very vocal against Herman and it seems like it’s finally reached a breaking point.
It all started with this tweet from Smith earlier this afternoon.

(@belletjh who is being tagged in these tweets is Tom Herman’s wife, Michelle).
Smith continued to roll, just thrashing Herman.

According to Smith’s story, Herman’s wife is already aware that Herman was cheating on her and she told Smith’s ex-wife about it.
The best tweet of this barrage so far is this one right here.

Smith posted a screenshot of a text conversation with Tom Herman.

What a text exchange!!! He calls Herman a “bitch,” a “shitbag,” and a “fucking cowardly bitch.” He also sneaks a kiss emoji in there for some reason??? He then claims Herman is sending money to Smith’s ex-wife Courtney and that Smith has pictures of the “shit [he] did.” So if you are Tom Herman how do you respond to all of this?
“Ok. Cool Hook em!”
Wow!!! What an all-time response. That’s going to be my new go to response. When my roommates say that I need to stop leaving my dishes in the sink? “Ok. Cool Hook em!” When my bookie texts me and says I still owe him three weeks worth of losses that I can’t afford? “Ok. Cool Hook em!” Unreal stuff.
I’ll keep this updated as the story unfolds, but I reccomend turning tweet notifications on for Zach Smith tonight.
UPDATE: Smith is now tweeting at random guys mentioning him on Twitter.

The worst accusation of the night! Accusing Herman of stealing the team’s G2s to use as a mixer! This is unreal stuff.

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