Miami Hurricanes Fan Sets Florida Gators Fan's Window Flag On Fire

via WTXL
Florida Man Iran Walters is in trouble for what went down Sunday night in Tallahassee where he is accused of setting a Florida fan’s Gators window flag on fire. I know, it’s one of those odd stories that you’ll end up hearing talked about on sports talk radio across the south.
Turns out Iran Walters is a Hurricanes fan and took offense to the Gators flag. That’s right, he snapped! Lit that flag right on fire.
From ABC-27:

A Tallahassee man was arrested after admitting he set fire to a Florida Gators window flag on stranger’s vehicle because he’s a Hurricane fan.
According to court documents, on Sunday around 8:33 p.m. police responded to a call of a disturbance in progress. When they arrived, the victim told officers that the suspect, Iran Walters, had left the scene. The victim told officers that as she was walking to her car, she saw Walters randomly lighting her car on fire, so she screamed at him and he immediately ran off.

Documents say Walters set fire to the Gators’ flag, that was on the vehicle because he said he’s not a Gator, he’s a Hurricane, and doesn’t “give a d*** about the Gators.”

That’s an interesting quote about his feelings towards the Gators. Not one you usually hear. As for Walters, I did my normal Facebook search and couldn’t really find anything of value over there that would advance this story. Sounds like we just have a triggered fan. The usual.

Example, not the actual flag that the guy set on fire:

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