Florida Man College Quarterback (Allegedly) Holds Gun To Teammate’s Head After Being Denied Halloween Party Entry

College quarterback Cory del Prado was arrested at a Halloween party

Cory del Prado/Collier County Sheriff’s Office

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Ave Maria (NAIA) freshman quarterback Cory del Prado will have a hard time sticking with the football team after what allegedly went down at a Halloween where he’s accused of putting a gun to a teammate’s head (more on that gun below).

A teammate was working the door at the party & told Cory that the party was too packed and he couldn’t go in. Yep, Cory didn’t respond very well to that stance.

From the Naples News:

Kurt Tibbets, a freshman offensive lineman on the Ave Maria football team, and Daniel Hoffman, a freshman tight end on the team, were asked by the host of the party to “work the door” and not allow anyone else in because the party was overcrowded, according to the report.

Del Prado, a freshman quarterback on the Ave Maria football team, attempted to enter the Halloween party with Noah Rice-Kerr, a freshman linebacker on the team.

Tibbets denied them access and told them the party was full, according to the report.

Del Prado became upset and began pushing Tibbets and pulled a black, semi-automatic firearm from his waistband and held it to the right side of Tibbets’ head, according to the report.

Turns out it was a pellet gun. It also turns out that Del Prado also threatened Tibbets again in the school’s weight room. Cops are now involved and Del Prado has changed his tune.

He denied placing the barrel of the gun on Tibbets’ head and said he was “intoxicated” and doesn’t remember everything he did, according to the report.

Cory, who hasn’t seen the field according to the stat sheet, is probably done with the Ave Maria football team.