18 NSFWBDs React To Michael Thomas Doing The Joe Horn Flip Phone Celebration

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It’s been 15 years since Joe Horn pulled a flip phone from under the goal post pad and sent the NFL league office into a frenzy. And then Michael Thomas recreated the Joe Horn celebration today against the Rams. It was the perfect pop culture moment that sent the NSFWBDs into throwback mode because they remember a guy like Joe Horn being an OG when it comes to stuff like this.
They were super impressed by Thomas bringing back the celebration and eating the flag that came with it. Instant street cred.
Joe Horn pulled the cell-abration during the second quarter of a Sunday night game against the Giants, making it one of the most iconic celebrations of the early 2000s. The OG BDs knew it the minute Thomas went for that pad. The nostalgia was running wild in their blood.

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