Houston Woman Robs Gas Station While Wearing Dog Head Costume On Halloween

Of course something LIT AF was going to happen on Halloween and it was going to involve a dog head costume, a woman, stolen cigs and a shore police chase in Houston. Thanks, Colleen Dickens! She’s the woman with the spit rag over her mouth in the mugshot who police say is responsible for the daytime robbery while wearing the dog head.
What a Halloween for Colleen! And all of this happened at like 9:30 a.m. IN THE MORNING…ROBBERY IN A DOG’S HEAD BEFORE PRICE IS RIGHT CAME ON.
From ABC-13:

A woman wearing a huge dog head with wings costume is now in custody after leading police on a short chase through southeast Houston. Colleen Dickens has been arrested and charged with robbery and felony evading.
Harris County Precinct 7 deputies responded to reports of a theft at a business in the 2330 block of Southmore. Deputies say a woman wearing a costume entered the store, and demanded money and cigarettes.

Click2Houston added:

“The suspect was extremely combative and spit on several Sheriff deputies during the booking process therefore, a spit guard had to be placed over her mouth in order to ¬†get her mugshot taken,” said¬†Pamela Greenwood, public information officer for Harris County Precinct 7.

Here’s where I say thank you to the cops and ABC13 for how many shots of the dog head they included for the Internet to see. I appreciate a good costume head on a cop car and I’ll really appreciate the gas station surveillance video when it comes out.

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