Terann Hilow’s Halloween Costume, NBA All-Accessory Team & Arkansas Fan Is In Big Trouble

Uh oh, the Vegas Strip is about to look for new ways to get money out of you…gaming was down 4% in September

From Forbes:

Back in August, the conference calls for both Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International were muted, with predictions of difficulties ahead. Those fears turned out to be justified, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s September revenue report, issued earlier today, demonstrated. The state as a whole showed a revenue gain, which it hadn’t done since July, but the Las Vegas Strip continued to sputter, as gaming win fell nearly four percent.

The September disappointment caps a challenging quarter during which net gaming win decreased by over seven percent. Considering that, in their second quarter conference calls, casino executives were apologetic over a quarter that actually saw a nearly six percent net increase in gaming win on the Strip, one can only imagine the tenor of the third quarter calls when a net decline is on the books.

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The Cavaliers won their 1st game without LeBron James in the lineup since March 16, 2016. Cleveland had lost 17 straight games without LeBron active. pic.twitter.com/sycwOohgbK

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Thought of dressing up as a Florida Gators Moral Victory today…

You can strut around still acting you're better than everybody else (despite losing) AND you get to leave early!


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Woman who had sex with 20 ghosts is now engaged to a spirit https://t.co/TSpVqbh30c pic.twitter.com/ruiVs9lEmE

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