Summer Lynn Hart Is Crushing IG…Trust Me, John Mayer Pound Town Count & 5 Dimes Owner Found Dead

Game 2 of the World Series is your big game of the night if that’s your kind of thing. I tried to watch a couple innings last night and it just bored me. I think it’s the whole boring nature of things on social media when it comes to baseball. Just no vibe online during these games. Oh well. You’ll also get some NBA to watch. Think I’m going to do some online Christmas shopping. Get a few things done off my to-do list. Get prepared for the holiday SZN.
• Summer Lynn Hart should be an instant IG follow for you guys….TRUST ME
John Mayer says he’s slept with about 500 women
Texas sports anchor guy Dale Hansen admits he just voted for the 1st time in 46 years
A very well done recap of Chad ‘Swag’ Kelly’s wild Monday night that ended with his arrest
5 Dimes owner found dead in Costa Rica
UCF fans planning GameDay invasion in Jacksonville…uh oh, this could be good
Here’s a wild road rage video from Miami Beach…probably Florida Men
Here’s Ally from Arizona

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