Weber State Quarterback Kaden Jenks' Leg Is Broken In Horrific Fashion, He Tells Staff To Tape It Up…He's Going Back In

Pretty sure I wouldn’t do a post on Weber State quarterback Kaden Jenks having his leg broken in horrific fashion during Saturday’s game against Montana State, but there’s a quote from after the game attributed to Jenks that, to be honest, was more heart than I’ve seen out of My Ohio State Buckeyes in like forever. I’m not talking talent. I’m talking heart.
Jenks, who was brought in to replace a struggling starter, had his foot and ankle turned the wrong way and his leg broken just before halftime. You can watch it if you need to. You’ve been warned. It’s brutal. And then we get this quote that was insane. Maybe the kid was just in shock as to what happened to his ankle.
From the Standard-Examiner:

“Kaden Jenks is such a tough guy and such a loved guy on our football team,” head coach Jay Hill said. “When they reduced that ankle back into place, he said ‘tape it up and let me go back in there.’ I’m like, ‘just calm down a little bit.’
“But that’s the toughness that can rally a football team. Our team got in a huddle and I heard them say it: ‘We’re going to go win this for Kaden.’ That’s what you want to see on a football team is to bind together over something like that.”
Then I have to sit here on Monday morning after Ohio State took one of the school’s worst Ls in my lifetime and Dan Patrick’s talking about how he heard from a college scout that it appears OSU players possibly heading to the NFL are playing not to get hurt. An hour later I’m looking at a tweet sent to me featuring Jenks’ ankle being turned the wrong direction and learning that he wanted to go back in.
A football guy.

Ok, now for the hot take. I’m going to need to see a little more effort out of Ohio State against Nebraska. Just a little. You know, maybe not leave the middle of the field open for 10-14 yard middle of the field passes. And I’m also going to need the Buckeyes to get left out of the CFB playoff because I have no desire to see them get embarrassed by Clemson or Bama.
Getting back to Jenks, all the best to this guy. I’d be stuck in bed for 6 months if this happened to my ankle. Just saying.


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