Michigan Man Grant Newsome Brag Tweet Corrected By His Mom

Poor Grant Newsome. Here he is just trying to enjoy the Wolverines first road win against a ranked opponent since 2006 and his mom has to go and correct his English in a tweet. MOM BEING MOM! You might remember that Newsome had to medically retire from football before the 2018 season, but Jim Harbaugh kept him on as an assistant tight end coach.
Newsome wrote back in August:

“I struggled through nearly two years of rehab, teaching myself first to stand, then walk, then run. I overcame setbacks and obstacles that initially seemed insurmountable,” Newsome wrote. “I began to work through OL drills, and complete lifts and conditioning with my teammates. I began to see myself back on the field at the Big House, my emotions nearly uncontrollable as the National Anthem played before my return.

“But not all stories have a happy ending. … Unfortunately for that dream, God has other plans for me. Despite the near miraculous healing of my knee, the totality of the injury was just too much, as some recent secondary injuries coupled with the fragile nature of a vascular graph have made the risk of playing football again one that is too great for me to accept. So I have made undoubtedly the most difficult decision of my life, and will medially retire from football.”

Mom’s bio reads: Mom to 3 amazing boys, educator, Princeton Tiger and Wolverine by affiliation(.) According to a 2014 story, mom is a Princeton grad. 
These moms are always out there coaching. Day in and day out.

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