Pau Gasol Engaged To Cat McDonnell, A Former USC Song Girl

Pau Gasol got the season started with a bang by announcing this week that he’d locked down former USC Song Girl Cat McDonnell with an engagement ring. That’s right, he picked Back To Work Week to make the big announcement that at 38 it is time to give this wedding planning thing a try as his NBA career comes to a close. The good news here is that the couple will have plenty of money to plan the romantic wedding they both deserve. Pau’s earnings, not counting this season, are sitting at $203,449,761.
Let’s just say these two will be playing the MegaMillions just for giggles. No real pressure here like the rest of us losers looking to win that generational money so we can drop out of society and cut all of our friends out of our lives.
Pau Gasol wrote on IG:

Words cannot express how happy and excited we are! She said YES!! I’m so lucky to be engaged to such a wonderful woman and look forward to a lifetime together! #forever

I tend to wonder what this means for the woman. Do you get the presidency job over Pau’s foundations or whatever his PR team set up all those years ago when he was dropping 19 ppg for Memphis? What does a day look like for Cat? Do you ever touch laundry? I wouldn’t. That’s what maids are for. I guess you do the whole NBA HOF thing. The all-star games here and there. Travel back and forth to Spain. Plan the holidays. Look hot on vacation?
Look, I wish the best to the happy couple. It’s great to see a 7-footer with crazy range find love.

Poor Blake Griffin
Poor Blake Griffin
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