You Can't Stop LSU Students From Their 'Suck That Tiger D**k B*tch'

LSU can order the marching band to not play “Neck” at LSU games, but there’s no way to prevent students from starting their own chant of “suck that Tiger d*ck b*tch,” especially at a home game against Georgia with so much on the line. So that’s exactly what the LSU students did during Saturday’s game. They just did it over some other song. Guys, that’s why I love LSU. These people are not going to be backed into a corner. They’re nuts. Go to Baton Rouge and see for yourself.
Of course it has the local newspaper talking with a little history of this “Neck” song:

The LSU Athletic Department once banned the band’s rendition of Cameo’s and Dem Franchize Boyz’s “Talkin’ Out Da Side of Ya Neck” in 2010 after the student section replaced the original lyric, “Oh oh talkin’ out the side of your neck,” with a sexually vulgar line. The line not only was heard throughout the stadium but broadcast on nationally televised games.
The band brought the song back in 2013 and has since been selective in performing it.
One attempt to curb bad fan behavior was the LSU Athletic Department’s 2013 “Tradition Matters” campaign. Stadium workers passed out thousands of “tradition matters” stickers and flyers in an effort to persuade students to not tarnish longtime chants and songs with vulgarities. Cheerleaders hoisted “Keep it Clean” signs into the air amid their flip flops and stunts.

It’s LSU being LSU. Nothing to get bent out of shape about here. The little kids running around these football games have heard it all before. The women are jus as wild as the men. Nothing to see here. Move along, snowflakes.

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