Alexis Ren Checks In Early This Week, Scottish Escort Sentenced & Football Coach Runs Through Door

Brewers at Dodgers is at 7:39 tonight on FS1. Love the start time. And then we get 49ers-Packers on ESPN. There’s your night. The love for Aaron Rodgers will be off the charts. Greatest of all time. Nobody does it like Aaron. Blah, blah, blah. I enjoy watching Aaron Rodgers, but it’s hard to watch the broadcast when it’s never ending. Thing is, what else are the guys going to talk about during this game.
Alexis Ren checks in real early this week
Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande are DONE…doesn’t look like she’s sticking around for Christmas gifts
The Scottish escort who got it on with HS kid gets sentenced
Football coach actually runs through a door to fire up his team
Michigan State breaks Land Grant trophy after beating Penn State
Tulsa TV crew parks Severe Weather Hummer in handicap spot
Florida Man tries to steal police vehicle during Hurricane Michael looting, is shot & killed
Here’s Nina Rose Marcaccio – Instagram Fisherman

Michigan Robotics Took An L This Weekend Video of the Weekend

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