Jim Cantore Nearly Speared By Flying Object

I’m not sure what happened to Jim Cantore’s batting helmet when this flying object nearly speared the Weather Channel’s top gun during coverage of Hurricane Michael. I must’ve just changed the channel as Jim went running from the 2X4? that went for a ride back towards the beach where Jim was being battered by the gusts that are responsible for destroying Panama Beach properties.
You might remember that Weather Channel reporters debuted the batting helmets during Hurricane Florence. That was the first time i had seen them using a helmet to protect themselves against flying objects. The last thing you want to see happen to a Weather Channel guy is CTE. Now I’m starting to see other stations wearing the helmets. I’m watching MSNBC’s guy right now in the same spot as Cantore and he’s wearing a Rawlings helmet. I put in a request to Rovell to see if he can put a value on it.

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