UCF Basketball Player Arrested For Battery On Roommate After Roommate Wouldn't Acknowledge Him At Tailgate

UCF basketball player Rokas Ulvydas had himself a weekend, especially at the SMU-UCF tailgate where he reportedly couldn’t get a “hello” from his roommate so he eventually threatened to kill his roommate after running into the victim back at the apartment after beating the Mustangs 48-20, according to a police report.
Ulvydas, out of Lithuania, played in 26 games last year for UCF and averaged 2.3 ppg. Now he has killed off his IG and has the courts after him on this battery charge. This is not how you want to enter your junior year on the basketball team.
From the KnightNews:

University of Central Florida basketball redshirt junior Rokas Ulvydas was arrested late Saturday night for misdemeanor/first-degree battery charges in Orlando, Fl, according to Orange County Corrections.

Knight News received the police report from Orange County Sunday evening.
The police report describes what deputies did to investigate once they arrived at the apartment at approximately 6:30 p.m., October 6. The event transpired after Rokas was reportedly spotted by his roommates but not greeted at the UCF versus SMU tailgate.
When roommates arrived to change clothes Saturday evening, Ulvydas became agitated, entered his room and began yelling “when you see me you acknowledge me and say hello,” the police report stated.
Rokas then grabbed the student by the back of the neck while yelling “if you don’t say hi to me I’ll fucking kill you, you know who I am.” Rokas turned the victim and put both his hands around the front of his neck while pinning the victim against the bedroom door.

Originally a Texas Tech signee, Rokas played in only 9 games for the Red Raiders before transferring. No clue what happened in Lubbock.
As for this case, you sorta can’t blame Rokas for being a little bit mad that his roomie wouldn’t acknowledge him at the tailgate. You’re talking about a scholarshiped basketball player. Show some respect, bro. As for the death threat, this is probably nothing. You know how 23 year olds throw around “kill you” these days. Way too free with that word usage.
Look, the play here for UCF is to put Rokas in his own apartment where he won’t have to worry about his roommate saying sup at a football tailgate.

Let’s watch a Rokas highlight video:


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