Let's Check In With Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend
















Another weekend, another rush from you guys trying to get the intel on Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend Brittany Matthews. There’s no NFL girlfriend having a bigger 2018 than Matthews. It helps when your boyfriend is the NFL MVP through five games and the only undefeated team in the AFC. Brittany Matthews — a fitness freak — is officially the envy of women across Kansas City and it has to be driving the jersey chasers nuts.
The national media is starting to take notice. The IG is starting to climb — it’s up to 23.1K. And now we have a Brittany Matthews vs. Gisele Sunday Night Football matchup coming in Foxboro. Folks, it doesn’t get any bigger than this for Mahomes-Matthews. A loss here and the Patriots are in deep trouble for home field throughout. I hate to say a team is going to win home field throughout off one win in October, but look at the standings and get back to me.
Look at how this lines up for Mahomes-Matthews. You go to Foxboro and then come back home to get the Bengals. You could bury both teams chasing your 5-0 record. The schedule also includes the Browns, Cardinals and the Raiders twice. This has the look of a team that could go 14-2.
That means you might as well get used to Brittany Matthews for a long time. She’s going to be on the sidelines getting those pregame hugs. She’s going to be loading up IG Story with gameday material. I hate to break it to you jersey chasers, but you might want to unfollow Brittany because it’s going to start breaking your heart. Just my two cents to save your sanity.


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