24 NSFWBDs React To UFC 229

It would’ve been a big night if things would’ve just ended with Derrick Lewis dropping his shorts and telling Joe Rogan his balls were hot. That would’ve been a huge night for the NSFWBDs. But no, that wasn’t the end of the madness that was UFC 229 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
The BDs would get so much more content before the night was over. Khabib Nurmagomedov would get Conor McGregor to submit and then jump out of the cage to go after McGregor’s coach in the crowd. That would create chaos and eventually lead to Dana White claiming three guys had been arrested and this was a bad night for the UFC.
The NSFWBDs might not be totally down with the UFC and it’s antics, but the BDs are undefeated when it comes to reacting to this madness. It had a Malice In The Palace feel, minus actual fans fighting with the players. What we’re left with is a trail of great reactions from the BDs and fan fight videos for days that will cause all sorts of emotions for days to come.
I don’t care what Dana White says, this was a great night for the UFC and he knows it. Everyone will still get visas to enter the country. Vegas loved all the money generated. Everything was just perfect for Dana and he knows it.

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