Kelsi Blalock Goes Nuclear On Fiance Jace Fry, White Sox Pitcher
Ever wanted to see an engagement from the world of sports go down in flames right before your eyes on social media? Kelsi Blalock has you covered this morning thanks to four Instagram posts she went public with last night that included nuclear captions that guarantees she won’t be marrying White Sox pitcher Jace Fry.
“When you think he won’t give you an STD again,” Blalock captioned one of her IGs to let the world know there are issues between her and the pitcher who appeared in 58 games this year for the White Sox.
Kelsi has definitely moved on from the guy she calls a “sociopath.” The couple, who were supposed to marry December 1, according to their Wedding Channel site, seemed to be pretty happy in their engagement photos. Guess things just weren’t meant to be for these two. Time for you guys to shoot your shot at Kelsi. You have to figure she’ll be into some revenge nights out.

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