Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky Saga Takes A Twist – The IG Stockpile









Welp, guess what stage we’re in with the Dustin Johnson might’ve been hammering a side piece behind Paulina Gretzky‘s back saga? We’re in the stage where DJ better do everything he’s told like take IGs for Paulina tonight in Paris where the Ryder Cup held some big dinner with both teams showing up with their wives and girlfriends.
By now you guys know the backstory to the DJ-Paulina saga. She scrubbed her IG of the baby daddy; she released some cryptic IGs; his PR team issued a PR-ish tweet on his behalf saying the couple needed to iron out some things; she went silent as news broke that there might be some California slam piece in the picture.
Then it broke this week that Paulina was breaking her Cold War with a trip to Paris for the Ryder Cup. You can’t blame her really. This is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all the wives and girlfriends, even if you’re a Gretzky. It’s a great chance to work on the IGs. Build up the stockpile.
You know who wants to play golf the most at the Ryder Cup? DJ. He clearly doesn’t want to deal with her ass at this point. He’s doing what he can to make things calm down, but there’s nowhere this guy would like to be more than on that course doing what actually makes him happy in life. Furyk shouldn’t have any concerns with this guy’s head right now.


Paulina Gretzky Is In Paris For Ryder Cup Along With Other Big Guns
Paulina Gretzky Is In Paris For Ryder Cup Along With Other Big Guns
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