Mississippi State Fan & His Buddy Were Running A Facebook Marketplace Scheme – Allegedly

By now you know It Just Means More in SEC Country and if that means running (allegedly) an elaborate Facebook Marketplace scheme where you break into a home, take pics of goods, upload those pics to Facebook, then meet buyers at the property to sell them the goods all while the homeowner was away, then that’s what Mississippi State fan Louis Rodgers and his buddy Renshay Dean will allegedly do.
The problem here is that Lee County, Mississippi isn’t a very heavily populated area and elaborate schemes get blown up especially when the homeowner returns, finds his stuff is gone and alerts the sheriff. Some good old fashioned police work turns up two suspects.
From WCBI:

Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson says 42 year old Louis Rodgers and 24 year old Renshay Dean broke into a home, took photos of items such as tractors, and other equipment, then posted the items for sale on social media sites.
“People looking at the Facebook ad responded to the Facebook ad, made an offer for the property, agreed to meet this particular individual back out at the property,  exchanged money and took possession of this property, not knowing it did not belong to that individual who was selling it,” Sheriff Johnson said.

Guess this one makes me wonder about some of the deals that go down on Facebook. I’ll think a nice patio bar set looks too good to be true. The price is perfect, the condition is perfect. Maybe the person selling it figured out a neighbor was on a six month trip to Florida for the winter. Time to meet at the police station to make exchanges I guess.

Let’s go check and see what Renshay has going on over at Facebook…this is an old account:

Here’s Renshay’s newer account:


As for Louis, now I’m confused. Is he an Ole Miss or Mississippi State fan? Can’t be both my man:

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