Meet Kylie Muir – Instagram Fisherman

Today’s Instagram Fisherman, Kylie Muir, kept her bio to a minimum: 📍VB🏝 🎣 Angler 🦌Hunter. I went through several photos from Kylie’s fishing expeditions and it appears she’s been working Atlantic Ocean waters off the Carolinas and up into Virginia. Of course there’s also a little Key West fishing too. I’m not sure on the IG Fisherman rules, but I have to think you can’t even get into the Top 25 of IG Fisherman(s) if you don’t have a Keys trip under your belt.

Kylie is the first IG Fisherman I’ve profiled that has worked these waters. Most of the ladies specialize in Gulf waters around Florida and maybe dabble a little bit up the east coast of Florida. That means Kylie’s catching Virginia cobia. We’ll have to keep an eye on her resume over the winter when things start to cool down. That’s what separates many of these IG Fisherman. You either find warm water or the IG starts to go dormant for a few months which is not good for your Discovery action.

As for the hunting side of Kylie’s bio, gotta respect a woman who’ll go into the West Virginia hills to take out a boar & stock up on bacon.