20 NSFWBDs React To Tiger Woods Breaking His Winless Streak

I was very curious how the NSFWBDs would react to Tiger Woods winning the Tour Championship in front off all those white people in suburban Atlanta. The answer is pretty simple: the BDs think Tiger is back to having a full stable of slam pieces who have him back to being a well-oiled machine capable of winning tournaments at 42 (turns 43 in December).

There’s been some serious tension between a BD community and Tiger, but that’s a community that doesn’t normally appear in NSFWBDs. Remember, we’re here for the Def Comedy Jam-esque one liners that aren’t developed out of anger. The Tiger anger is petty so it won’t be featured here.

Tiger just did something that people in their 40s aren’t very capable of doing these days — beating these machines that are in their mid-to-late 20s. The legit BDs know how special this is. They get it. They see the comedy in all the white people being Tiger fanatics. There’s humor in this storyline and they brought it out today. This is a good one. Proud of the BDs.