Jena Frumes Gets the Week Rolling, Louisville Sports Anchor Takes Heat & Sad College Football Fans

Seahawks-Bears should at least give us some great crowd shots especially if the Bears get blown out. I might get some basement painting done. Can’t let that project slow down at this point. So close to getting those speakers hooked up. There’s also some baseball on. NBCSN has some soccer. That’s your Monday.
Jena Frumes gets your Monday rolling
ARod claims he’s praying to get into the hall of fame
Soccer guy spits right in opponent’s face
Louisville sports anchor wants this tweet back…can’t say sorry enough
Best of Sad Fans Around College Football – Week 3
This Kentucky woman intentionally took a dump on a cop
Guess when the Cardinals passed the 50 yard line against the Rams…GUESS!
Here’s Naimh from Colorado!!!

Congratulations To The Toledo Rockets For Their Fiesta Bowl Bid Video of the Week

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