20 NSFWBDs React To Vontae Davis Quitting At Halftime On The Bills

A situation like Vontae Davis quitting at halftime is the perfect scenario for NSFWBDs to weigh in because we get real talk from the BDs. They cut to the chase and give you an honest assessment on a guy quitting at halftime when his team is getting rolled and it’s not going to get any better with a rookie quarterback out there trying to get used to the NFL.
The BDs don’t have a problem with Vontae quitting. That’s the consensus. No big deal. It happens and you move on. That’s the way they feel.
Of course you’ve wanted to pull a Vontae at a job. You’ve just wanted to walk in mid-shift and say it’s over. I’ve done it. Actually, the night I sold BC to Coed Media, I walked into work, cleared out my desk and dropped off a note to the office that they could just send my last pay stub. I was done. Two weeks notice? No fuccin way.
Vontae felt it was the right time and I assume he woke up this morning feeling a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. Probably had the best night of sleep in years, possibly ever.

Vontae Davis’ quitting/retirement statement:


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