19 NSFWBDs React To Le'Veon Bell Drama

DRAMA. Here we go again with the Steelers causing headlines. Le’Veon Bell still isn’t in camp and now the offensive line has turned on their star running back. Emotions are high. Fantasy football teams have been ruined. Fans are about to modify jerseys. It’s just a total mess in Pittsburgh and we’re about to the point where Big Ben is going to fake an injury so he can change the narrative.
A bunch of white media guys are opining on the Bell situation, but you know that’s not my style. I couldn’t care less what the national talkshow guys are saying. I jump on the straight talk express and check in with the NSFWBDs and see how they’re handling this situation.
Two things stand out:
• The BDs think the o-linemen should show some respect to a guy who bought them Hublots
• The BDs don’t blame Lev for wanting to get paid and not beat up himself in the process before getting paid.
Look, this isn’t going to get better. Connor is going to go out and have a game against the Browns and Steelers fans will turn even more on Bell. He might as well plan on sitting out the entire year because it’s not going to be pretty when he returns.


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