16 NSFWBDs React To The Nike-Kap Relationship & The Protest

I know what you’re thinking here…this one is about to not be fair & balanced. WRONG. By now you guys should know that nobody keeps it fair & balanced like the NSFWBDs. They don’t come in here with typical responses because then you guys wouldn’t click on NSFWBDs and let’s face it, NSFWBDs doesn’t work if both sides don’t take some shitt from time to time. Yeah, white guys are going to get crushed, but so do the black guys. Everybody gets crushed on NSFWBDs.
Of course there was a segment of the BD community that got all serious on this Nike/Kap situation. They were left out this time. We have to keep things light in the BD post or people would inch closer to jumping off a bridge. The purpose of BDs isn’t to get all political, we have to keep you guys laughing at work because you have a miserable job that pays the bills, but you’d really like to be blogging and drinking beer.
Anyway, the clear storyline here is that the BDs are willing to take your Nike gear if you’re looking to dump it via protest.
Wild times I tell you. Think I’ll just keep rolling along and let the BDs do the talking.

Tiger Woods Impersonator Denied
Tiger Woods Impersonator Denied
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