Alexis Ren As Minnie Mouse, West Virginia Bar Fight Anchor Speaks & Iowa Fan Tailgates With His Combine
We’ve entered the Tuesday & Wednesday part of the year where this becomes the weekend for those of us who focus on football. We get a couple days to get banking, laundry & grocery shopping done. For the rest of you, it’s MLB, WNBA and U.S. Open time. ESPN will fill you up with tennis and the Fox Sports regionals will give you some baseball to put you to sleep. There’s also a USWNT exhibition for the soccer fans out there.
Alexis Ren as Minnie Mouse to get the 4-day work week started
West Virginia bar fight anchor speaks on Twitter for 1st time since fight
Cristiano Ronaldo & his GF living the yacht life
Iowa fan brings his massive combine to Saturday’s tailgate
Looks like Leonard Fournette made a few bucks on The U game
U.S. Open mom turns head by dunking her chicken in Coke
This Florida Man had himself a night…tried to escape DUI via vehicle, foot & swim
Here’s Analiese from Arizona State

Puke & Rally Video of the Week

Tacos of the Day

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