Meet Lexi Kuenzle – Girlfriend Of Tigers Pitcher Artie Lewicki

Did you think we were done working the MLB girlfriend beat just because college football is back and baseball might as well just start the playoffs right now because most people in their right mind aren’t paying attention to baseball? Of course not. BC tradition says that we’ll hammer out girlfriend posts 365 days a year. Of course the detractors will say ‘You just do that for pageviews,’ blah, blah, blah.
Folks, we can see the analytics. We know what you guys want. You want to think about the life you would lead if you had a professional contract. We know you love looking at the houses, the cars, the private jets, the girlfriends. The stats don’t lie. Other sites can dig into the real boring stuff like MLB defensive shifts. We’ll keep posting the things you’re searching for on a Saturday night at the bar.
That brings me to Lexi Kuenzle, girlfriend of Detroit Tigers pitcher Artie Lewicki. Somehow she popped up on IG Discover this week and then I see a Tigers logo in a picture. And then I see it’s Lewicki’s girlfriend. Instant post material.
Now for the bad news: Lewicki, who pitched in 13 games this summer for the Tigers, went down in August with elbow issues and will need Tommy John surgery that will take 18 months of recovery. That’s right, you think these guys are living the high life, hitting up the best beaches and hotels. Raking in per diem money. Bringing the girlfriends on the road trips.
Boom, the elbow snaps.

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