Meet Summer From Florida State

Summer recently finished her undergrad at Florida State, but she stated on Aug. 7 that “many more years of schooling left until I can proudly say I’m a Nurse Practitioner but I can’t thank fsu enough for the past 3 years.” I’m not sure if that means Summer will be in Tally this fall for the typical 6-7 weekends where it’s an absolute rager before and after Seminoles games.
I’ve told people about how great tailgating and partying is in Tallahassee, but I’m not sure they believe me. Go look up party school in the dictionary and there’s FSU. It’s uncanny how crazy that place is on a game weekend.
That’s why it’s pretty damn impressive that Summer got out in three years. Maybe she spent some time at a community school. That would be the only real explanation because I just assumed undergrads finished in five years because they don’t want to leave the party.
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