Pennsylvania Man Cut Brake Line To Make Crack Pipe, Girlfriend Dies In Crash

This one sorta made the rounds on Thursday, but I was busy pumping out sports content so I never got around to blogging how a Pennsylvania Man (NEPA…where I first started hearing about meth in like 2002) allegedly cut a brake line on his girlfriend’s car so he could make a crack pipe. I know, I know…what has this world come to? As if that wasn’t bad enough, the girlfriend ended up driving the car with the cut brake line.
From the Scranton Times-Tribune:

John Jenkins, 39, 1113 Taylor Ave., first floor, is held without bail late tonight on the charge related to the death of Tammy Fox, 38.
Fox, a key witness in the county prison’s sex abuse case, drove a 2004 Hyundai Sonata on Pine Street around 10 a.m. on Aug. 22 when the car jumped a curb near North Washington Avenue and struck a tree and several parked cars, Scranton police said at the time.
A witness said she thought the car was traveling at about 50 or 60 mph and the car’s brake lights flashed on and off shortly before the crash, but the vehicle never slowed down, according to criminal complaint filed in Jenkins’ case.

Jenkins told police Fox was “driving him crazy” the night before the crash because she was looking for a pipe to smoke crack in, according to court documents. Jenkins told troopers he didn’t want to go to the store to get a pipe. Instead, he got underneath Fox’s vehicle at the Taylor Avenue address and was “hacking away” to try and get something she could use, troopers said.

So I started looking around at what Jenkins would’ve been up to looking under a Hyundai Sonata for something to fashion into a crack pipe and here’s what he would’ve saw while trying to find the Holy Grail of crack pipes. I’m not a big crack pipe guy so I don’t know what Jenkins went after, but the part he hacked off was definitely the wrong call.
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Here I thought making a crack pipe was as easy as going to Wegmans and picking up a couple Granny Smith apples and blazing the crack through those. I didn’t know one would need to go to the extreme of hacking away at a brake line. Seems odd that John would go to these extremes. I’m starting to wonder if John is using the crack pipe thing as an excuse for some other reason for cutting that brake line.
Then again, we’re dealing with a crack head or two.

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