Rachel Bush Is On A Roll, Dan Bilzerian Blasting Shoulder Rocket & Bama Fans Are Prepared

Vegas is starting to put its stadium parking plan together…hint…there’s not going to be much parking at the stadium:

From the Las Vegas Sun:

The plan for the $1.84 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium includes 2,375 on-site parking spaces, in addition to using four neighboring sites for a total of 14,650 spaces, according to the plan set to be discussed at the Sept. 5 county zoning commission meeting.

The four sites include: the Orleans (4,625 spaces) , a parking lot on Las Vegas Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road (up to 3,625 spots), the former Southwest Gas facility on Arville Street and Tropicana Avenue (1,175 spots) and a parking lot on Las Vegas Boulevard and Arby Avenue (2,500).

Fans who park at off-site lots will be transported to the stadium via shuttle buses, which are estimated to take 5-13 minutes, depending on the parking site.

I wonder what this will mean for the Raiders tailgating scene. I need a centralized parking lot where all the weirdos will show up to drink tequila and Modelos. Honestly, the play here is to wait until the casinos are fighting it out over parking and pick a spot to gamble away a few dollars and get free parking and shuttle. South Point will be a contender.

Numbers from :

The Bengals are extending DT Geno Atkins and DE Carlos Dunlap. They rank 1-2 on the Bengals all-time sacks list.

Atkins & Dunlap have combined for 58.0 sacks (29.0 each) the last 3 seasons, most of any duo in the NFL. pic.twitter.com/i09gO4akqq

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) August 28, 2018

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A national frozen foods brand is collaborating with Gadsden's Back Forty Beer Co. on a new product https://t.co/qqor0WzcXT pic.twitter.com/2eQwlPzIqn

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Favorite time of year! Roll Tide 🐘@CollegeGameDay #RollTide @AlabamaFTBL @KirkHerbstreit https://t.co/cSX16isIQj

My view from my desk as Iā€™m on several calls today in my office. With all the excitement in the air with the start of CFB my boy Big Ben believes in the philosophy of not peaking too early in the week. Gameday not for a few more days!! pic.twitter.com/jOOAESs3aW

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Mailman: Gets pepper spray

My dog: pic.twitter.com/xhovRvKAbg

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Mark Reynolds challenged the ump to a duel pic.twitter.com/D33zcwRiXc

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(šŸ“ø from https://t.co/rURt8Ada6W) pic.twitter.com/EzLAY43cPg

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Took me a little while before I realized "doin' great" was also a possibility. pic.twitter.com/d7CLEwOprT

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This guy face timing his mate so he’s at the game 😂 #AFCWWHU https://t.co/1g14TAB2TF
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