Jewell Resurfaces & She's Not Playing Games, Aaron Donald Is Ripped & Raiders Fan Getting Arrested
Dare I say it? College football is on TV today. Sure, it’s like Hawaii-Colorado State, but I don’t care. We get action and that means it’s time to get dialed in for a long, arduous grind that will break some sports bloggers. Not me. I go into veteran blogger mode. This is the time of year where my off days become Tuesday and Wednesday until MACtion kicks in & then it’s 7-days a week pretty much until the Super Bowl ends. Buckle up.
Jewell…IS BACK
No shock here…Aaron Donald is a ripped…shirtless proof
Former Clemson cheerleader gets Cowboys cheerleader job
IG superstar of the week — Paul Flart, the security guard who records his farts
Raiders fan runs on the field, wrassles with security
Notre Dame adding Chick fil A to stadium for 2018 season
Florida Man crocodile catches a ride on Florida Man’s pool floatie
Here’s Phoebe from UMass

Ric Isn’t Going Down Without A Fight Video of the Weekend

Burger of the Day

Alexis Ren Takes Us Into The Weekend, Golfer Goes Bo Jackson On Putter & Jill Arrington Out At KCBS
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