Ever Seen A Boxer Quit A Bout Before The Opening Bell?

Boxer Curtis Harper was 13-5 heading into Friday night’s fight against Efe Ajagba on FS1. Now he’s 13-6 after entering the ring and then leaving the ring and heading home before the bell rang for the start of the first round. That’s right, Harper said check ya later and headed home. Didn’t even bother to fake it through a round. Right to the locker room.
What caused this? Sounds like a contract dispute that wasn’t settled before the match and Harper took things into his own hands and walked out. From Bleacher Report:

Per Patrick Reusse of 1500 ESPN in Minnesota, Harper wanted to see the contract for the fight. Bobby Brunette of the Minnesota Boxing Commission told Harper he (Harper) had already signed the contract and it was filed, but Harper remained steadfast in his refusal to fight.
Harper told Jordan Hardy of PremiereBoxingChampions.com he “wasn’t getting paid enough” and he wanted to be shown respect.

Harper had won 6 of his last 8 fights and now might find himself blackballed by the boxing community after his decision.

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