Brittney Palmer Attacking The Squat Rack, Corn Dog Disturbance In The Atlantic & Ray Lewis At Bank

How healthy is Vegas right now?

You’re getting a new resort that’ll more than likely remind you of the rest of the resorts on the Strip. From LVRJ:

Malaysia-based Genting Group is sticking to its target of opening the $4 billion Resorts World Las Vegas by the end of 2020 as some analysts begin to question the timeline.
“We are still tracking initial opening by end of 2020,” spokesman Michael Levoff said.
Genting activated construction at the site last year, and visible progress has been made. Nonetheless, much remains to be done, including finishing the glass siding.
Credit Suisse said in a report this week that “the general consensus” on the opening of Resorts World and neighboring resort The Drew “is likely a 2021+ event.”

That’s right, it’ll be next to Circus Circus. I remember my first Vegas trip at 21. The Westward Ho was still there and they served the best Westward Ho dogs & Red Dog. I think it was $2 for the dog & beer combo. Survival food for a week in Vegas while staying at the LV Hilton. Dollar BJ at the Sahara, get loaded on Amstels and make $50 last all night & feel like Sammy Davis Jr. is about to take the stage in the Sahara lounge. Take me back to that. You can have all these other resorts that are filled with California morons. Give me those classic joints any day.

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