Justin Verlander Hit With A $1,095,198 Lunch Bill At The Beverly Hills Hotel


Of course Justin Verlander didn’t have to pay the fullĀ $1,095,198 lunch bill he racked up today at the Beverly Hills Hotel because all but like $200 of that was clearly an error that hopefully didn’t get the waitress/waiter fired because it makes for great content and we’re in this content business to see what Verlander is having for lunch.
Without the error, we’re not seeing that Verlander’s table munched on $30 pancakes and a couple of $42 salads. I’m sure those $30 pancakes are amazing. As for that $42 McCarthy salad, I have to tell you that it includes iceberg lettuce. Earlier this year, Parade ran the ingredients and directions on how to make a McCarthy at home. I have to say, that doesn’t look like a $42 salad, but then again I’m not sitting on a $28M annual salary (through 2019) like Verlander. I buy a Panera $10 salad & try to think about how many ways I can split that thing to feed the entire family.
Tbh, the real mess here is the 2 eggs w/meat for $28. Embarrassing. I understand they have to keep the lights on, but still.

There’s the McCarthy salad:


I assume those are the $30 pancakes:


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