UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Says He Accidentally Ripped His Nutsack In Half With Drill

Pro tip: Don’t walk around with a drill in your pants. Do the reasonable thing and put the damn thing down if your hands aren’t free. UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell is well aware of that now after he ripped up his family jewels in a horrifying power drill accident.
Mitchell took to Instagram on Monday to detail the incident, which occurred while he was holding a board over his head and sizing it up. You already know what happens next: the drill goes off and the next thing Bryce knows he’s untangling his bits… yeah gross AF:
“My weiner survived n my nuts are wounded they will live to fite another day,” Mitchell captioned in another IG featuring his bloody boxers:
The good news here? Mitchell seems to be doing well for someone who tore up his groin. I mean, he wouldn’t be on Instagram posting photos if he did irreparable damage down there, right?

Quick bio on Bryce:

— He goes by “Thug Nasty”
— His origin story: “I started fighting in the backyard, trying to not get my ass beat.”
— Owns a 10-1 record
— Fights out of Arkansas

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