Witness: Richie Incognito Wanted Funeral Home To Cut Off His Dad's Head

…for research purposes…of course Richie Incognito wouldn’t want his dead dad’s head cut off for any other reason when he went to an Arizona funeral home and started asking for favors. It’s weird to think that Richie was not allowed at his father’s funeral because of erratic behavior. I mean, it’s not like this guy has ever gone off the rails over his lifetime.
It was just four days ago he posted on IG that he was listing his Arizona house for $1 — it’s a joke, you fools. Totally has it together right now. Guys, I’m telling you, if Richie walks into a bar where you’re drinking, start looking for an exit strategy because your ass might be getting thrown through glass at some point.
From TMZ:

Richie Incognito was violent, incoherent and emotional before he was arrested at a funeral home in Arizona — with one witness saying the NFL lineman asked the staff to “cut his dad’s head off for research purposes.”
It’s all in the police report released by Scottsdale PD in which at least one mortuary staffer told cops he “thought Incognito was going to kill him.”
Richie arrived to Messinger Mortuary on Monday after his father passed away. One staffer told police the family had advised him that Richie would not be allowed to attend the funeral because he’d been “acting erratically.”
When staff confronted Richie, he began “punching caskets and throwing things
One staffer told cops, Richie told him he had a truck full of guns outside and used his hand to make the shape of a gun. The staffer clearly felt threatened and said he ran into a secure room where he knew he’d be safe.

Richie has been making too many headlines lately. TMZ has pretty much latched on to Richie as their go-to when it’s time to get a quote. Remember when they got Richie to talk about how he wants to become a politician.
It’s time for a vacation. R&R. Retirement trip to Thailand to clear your head. Gotta clean it up a little bit.

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