Some Redneck At Bristol Wanted To Fight Kyle Busch

I should’ve posted this yesterday, but I was by myself here on BC like the old days and had more important posts to publish so you’re now getting the footage of some redneck starting shitt with Kyle Busch after the Bristol night race. Let me tell you about Bristol…it’s pretty much the last place on earth where Kyle Busch is welcome. That’s a special kind of redneck track where the good ol boys come out of the hills for some racin’ and they especially don’t like Kyle Busch.
Those good ol boys don’t really have a guy they can support because NASCARobots have taken over the sport and it’s hard for a redneck to find a guy to root for so they’ll just go extra hard with the anger towards a guy like Kyle Busch.
The good news here is that this should make Busch even more hated. That’s actually great news for NASCAR. They need a whole team of heels. Kyle should get Team Toyota to go NWO and you’d have some must-see TV. Rednecks throwing bottles at cars. Entire police departments protecting drivers.
Old ladies (I’m talking about redneck wives) f-bombing Kyle on a day of rest. I NEED this feud between rednecks and Busch to sustain itself when football starts. We all know that the sport becomes even less relevant after Labor Day. We need Busch vs. Rednecks all the way to Homestead.

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