Michigan Basketball Jock Sniffers Can Buy Recliners From Team Lounge

Hey Michigan homers, look at what I have for you today! That’s right, worn out recliners out of the basketball lounge that you can throw in your unfinished basement and brag to all your Michigan Man buddies about until they stop over and see that the recliners are worn TF OUT. Here I thought Michigan switched out their recliners each season because they were so loaded.
This is actually pretty shocking to me. These recliners are SEVEN years old. That’s almost embarrassing to the sports department at UM. The white guys who dump a bunch of money into this program get new power recliners like every 2-3 years. Since when did the UM athletic department get all cheap, especially for the men’s basketball program — the pride & joy of that school.
From the University of Michigan property disposition office eBay account:

These came out of the Player Development Center for Intercollegiate BasketballĀ at the University of Michigan
Used by the Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams
Black leather with embroidered ‘M’
Makes a curved row – approx 13′ wide
Chair pictured on left has 2 arm rests, the others have left arm rests
Power recline – working when taken out of use – includes 4 power packs
Storage in arms
Stainless steel cup holders
One chair is missing half of the power control button cover – see photo
Used for 7 years
General wear and tear for age and use

The current bid is at $405. I guess Michigan fans can’t figure out that they can go buy 4 brand new power recliners that haven’t been beaten to hell and back for $2,400. There are six days left in the auction. That means some poor moron is going to end up paying close to $1k (my estimation) for these beat recliners.
But, that’s sports fandom for you and that’s why I went out and bought Cam Newton’s BCS game pants for $1,500. Those things will end up the best purchase I made in this life, especially when Michigan Man is out here likely spending $1k for beat to hell recliners that he’ll throw to the curb in three years.
[ebay – 4 Michigan Power Recliners]

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