Former Maryland Hooper Terrell Stoglin Punts Basketball, Flips Off Crowd In Venezuela

via YouTube
If you’re going to go ballistic during a game, you might as well go all the way with it. Former Maryland basketball player Terrell Stoglin more than stayed true to that philosophy during a playoff game in the Venezuelan LPB, as he committed multiple offenses that would’ve made Adam Silver shit his pants.
As you can see in the video below, Stoglin completed the trifecta of punting a basketball, flipping off the crowd, and throwing his jersey onto the floor in an epic tirade. He pretty much did everything but go full Ron Artest in the stands:
This was so bad that Stoglin’s team, Trotamundos BBC, had to issue an apology on Twitter:

Stoglin, now 26, averaged 16 points, two rebounds, and two assists in his two seasons at Maryland. He went undrafted in the 2012 NBA Draft and has been playing for a bunch of teams overseas since. Suffice it to say that he might want to chill with the on-court theatrics for a bit.

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