Christian Hackenberg's Eagles Career Is Off To A Hot Start

When Christian Hackenberg entered the NFL Draft two years ago the main question surrounding him centered on his piss-poor accuracy. His scouting report from

Debilitating accuracy issues with atrocious 51.5 percent adjusted completion total (throws beyond line of scrimmage). Turns receivers into goalies. Even simple throws can be coin-flippers in accuracy department. Release point can vary greatly and he is still looking for repeatable footwork, mechanics and release. Will throw a spiral followed by wobbler. Ball patting and wind-up slows release and can obstruct timing. Extra air under deep balls combined with marginal timing allows safeties time to race into the play. Busted internal clock. Allows pressure to overtake him rather than getting catchable throw out a shade early. Sacked 82 times over last two years. Iffy accuracy and ball placement falls off map when defenses send pressure. Completed just 44.2 percent against five rushers and 41.9 percent against six. Pocket feel a work in progress. Will climb pocket into trouble unnecessarily.

Has he made any strides in his game since then? It sure doesn’t seem like it! How else would you explain the Jets, who wasted second rounder on him, trading him to the Raiders for a seventh-round pick? And the Raiders cutting his ass like three weeks later? The guy can’t play, and whether he’ll ever make a regular season appearance is a legitimate question.
Nonetheless he’s on the Eagles now, and he’s starting this phase of his career in familiar fashion: gifting the defense turnovers.

Additional details on this disaster from Philly Voice:

For the first time ever, I charted a quarterback’s stats during practice. I made an exception for newcomer Christian Hackenberg, who the team signed on Sunday. Hackenberg was 2/6 for roughly 20 yards, 0 TD, and 2 INTs, and an unofficial QB rating of 4.2. Again, it’s a setting in which the offense in this case was just giving the defense certain looks, and thus not as competitive. There were still some pretty ugly throws though.

Over/Under one month before this guy is unemployed again?

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