Rachel Bush Has Been Dominating Training Camp In The Adirondack Mountains


You might’ve noticed that Rachel Bush has been spending quite a bit of time in the Adirondack Mountains ever since the fallout with husband Jordan Poyer. The two seemed to go their own ways — he went to Buffalo and she went to the Adirondack Mountains — for training camp. He’s been busy breaking up passes from Josh Allen & Rachel has been busy staying in shape for the grueling 17 weeks we’re about to embark on here in September when FOOTBALL IS BACK.
What we have here is a situation that reminds me of a guy coming to camp in the best shape of his life. He’s like 26, the body is absolutely shredded & fully prepped for at least 16 weeks of abuse and maybe more in the playoffs. It’s like Rachel Bush is in camp looking like Aaron Donald fighting that guy with knives from a couple months ago.
You’re looking at an IG model & still an NFL wife in peak condition. 5 tools. 1st round pick. Elite and nobody is taking her job. Doesn’t even have to play beyond the first series.










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