Cops Are Clearly Railroading This Cat Lady In Maryland Who Has 126 Cats & Three Rabbits Living In Her Two Townhome

I’m not sure why I’m so interested in this story out of the DC area where a lady has two residences and they’re both filled up with cats and three rabbits. The cats all look pretty calm in the photos. They’re just laying around chilled out wondering when 62-year-old cat lady Laura Prince is going to come home so they can snuggle on the couch. Let’s cut to the chase, I want to go in there and see with my own eyes what that place looks like.
Of course I’d want an oxygen tank. You’ve walked into a house where one cat has taken over and has the place stankin. You know those houses. Imagine walking into a townhouse and there are 76 cats chillin out just about everywhere you look. It’s beyond fascinating to me.
I want to go inside Laura’s head to figure out when it all went south and she decided to start living with dozens of cats who’ve just started taking dumps all over the place. I want to know where Laura slept. I want to know where she sat down to eat dinner and what that scene was like when she ate tuna noodle casserole. I want to know what happened when she tried to take a dump, but the cats were congregated on the toilet.
I would watch a three-hour documentary on this case. Screw Hard Knocks, I’ll order HBO if they do a report.
From the Washington Post:

At one point, Prince’s home in North Potomac had so many fleas coming out of it that neighbors wouldn’t let children play near it, according to court documents. At times, she tried to sneak cats out of her home in carriers in North Potomac to her apartment in Silver Spring.
In a brief phone call Thursday, Prince declined to comment.
The case started in June when animal control officers from Montgomery County were called for the report of a “cat in distress.” An officer went to the home and found the cat wasn’t in distress but “detected a strong odor of ammonia.” That prompted the officer to “have concern about the sanitary conditions inside the residence,” police officials said.

ABC 13 says 129 cats…let’s just call it an even 130 because you know there are cats who’ve burrowed into the walls

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